Right now, many governments are taking steps against Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks, which in my opinion, can only be classified as vengeful.

If you haven’t heard, Wikileaks is an organization which publishes leaked documents which others want kept under wraps.  Recently, these have included a huge number of documents from the US government in three batches – regarding the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and international diplomatic cables.

Among the Americans I’ve spoken with, Assange has been dubbed both a hero and a traitor, depending on who is talking.  One thing many fail to consider is that Assange is NOT an American.  He is an Australian.  This brings up the question of first, how he could be a traitor to the US if he has no allegiance to the country.

Personally, I think the publications he’s made will do a wealth of good to show candidly to the world, what goes on behind closed doors so to speak.  Wars are never pretty, but he has shown some compelling evidence that US officials have had a strong hand in whitewashing what we’re doing abroad.  Of course, the diplomatic cables will stir up a tempest.  These sorts of cables are not written for the public or foreign nationals to see.  Ever.  They represent the candid, uncensored back room kind of talk which is needed between diplomats and the nations they represent.  Their publication will go a long way to help the world better understand international politics and the people involved.  While it does cast some of the players in a negative light at times, I think the overall effect is a positive one.  They show honest opinions and views on the real workings in the world.

The same goes for the two sets of war documents.  There are some serious items in there which need to be addressed, whether by legal means or by influencing future elections and other actions.

I am what I consider a Patriot.  I love my country.  But this is not to say I think my country is perfect.  As a Citizen I have both a role and a stake in what my country does.  As such, I’d like to know what it is doing and why.  This is how we, as a nation make improvements.  The United States are composed of Citizens and the government of this nation is a democratic republic.  We are not a dictatorship, and by law we are not an oligarchy.  Every Citizen has the right, nay, a duty to be involved in our government.  In our form of government, we do this by electing people among ourselves, to represent our interests and act as our proxies.

The publication of this wealth of information does more to inform the American People than it has harmed our representatives and their underlings.  Let us, the entire Citizenry of these United States, wake up and pay attention to these documents.  Let us learn from them and make the best possible decisions in electing our future representatives.  Let our current chosen leaders also take note and also take note of our attention here so that they, too may make better decisions.

Less than 1 Week – Can it be Done?

Many people are wondering if a person… who is not affiliated with ANY political party… who has no budget… and who isn’t even ON the ballot can win.

Well, folks… It IS possible.

How?  Well, you tell me! It’s YOU who can make it happen.  It’s YOU who will need to spread the word that Brian Chabot represents Liberty and can do great things for New Hampshire that no one else is willing to try.  It’s YOU who need to go out there and tell everyone about Brian Chabot.

Here’s what you do:

Go out and get yourself a pack of Post-It Notes and a good pen.  The color doesn’t matter, as long as it is easy to read.  Write something like the following in big, bold, clear handwriting on each Post-It Note:

Write in BRIAN CHABOT for US SENATE on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Now go around and give one of these to everyone you see.  Everyone.  Post them on every door you pass.  Leave them on every desk.  Stick them to bulletin boards.

What else? Tweet the following a couple times a day:

Want #Liberty, #NH? Write in @BrianChabot for US SENATE on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. #vote2010

Yes, we CAN do this.  NOW is the time.  Grab your Post-It Notes and pen and keep going till the polls close on Tuesday!

Open Letter to The Union Leader

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 15:37:41 -0400
Subject: Gay Marriage
From: Brian Chabot

To whom it may concern;

I have recently been made aware of the Union Leader's policy on
printing announcements for homosexual weddings, as reported by WMUR

While it is, of course, your right to publish what you please, I
cannot help but feel dismayed at your decision.

Since the beginning of 2010, the State of New Hampshire has allowed
same-sex marriages to be recognized by the State.

I can understand the argument regarding the "sanctity of marriage"
even while I disagree that such a sanctity is in jeopardy.  No one is
forcing you to marry anyone against your will or religious beliefs and
no one is forcing your church to marry anyone against your religious

As someone who has many friends who are involved or have been involved
in same-sex relationships, I have had the opportunity to observe the
differences and similarities in their lives compared to traditional
heterosexual couples.  To be blunt, the ONLY difference is in the
genders.  Gay couples love and argue, just like heterosexual couples.
They have long term relationships and sometimes have relationships
which do not work out.  Just like you and me.

I see no problem with allowing two people in a committed, loving
relationship to marry.  The State of New Hampshire agrees.

If the Union Leader wants to go against the will of the People of New
Hampshire, and remain in the dark ages, that is your prerogative.

I would like to urge you to reconsider this decision and give all
loving couples who choose to marry, the same attention in your
marriage announcements section.

Thank you for your time,

Brian Chabot
Independent (Write-In) Candidate for US Senate (NH)

Gay Marriage?

In case you are wondering where I stand on gay marriage… It is pretty simple: No one should be forced to marry against their will nor be barred from marrying because of someone else’s beliefs. I believe we should get the government out of marriage and only allow the government to declare “civil unions” between two or more people who act as a family within the same household. This would include married couples as well as long term dedicated roommates. You want to get married? Find someone to marry you… but not someone in the government. Rather than marriage officiants, we should have witnesses. If two people declare themselves married in front of official, sworn witnesses (aka anyone who agrees to be a witness) then the State shouldn’t have anything to do with it. If a religious institution is against gay marriage, it should not be forced to perform a wedding for a gay couple. But if a gay couple want to get married… find a witness and seal the deal. Government sanctioned “civil unions” should be divorced from marriage. In fact, governments should be divorced from marriage. You want to be taxed as a family? You want the RIGHTS of a family (visitation, insurance, etc.)? That’s where a civil union comes in to play. You want to get married? Not the government’s business.

Why Vote for Someone Who “Can’t Win”?

We have all heard it before.  You may have said it.

There are some people in America who think that voting for someone who they think “can’t win” is a waste of a vote.


Here’s what happens: Candidates with a lot of money, in loose collusion with mass media outlets and others who think this way, will tell you that if you vote for a candidate they tell you can’t win, you’ll be throwing away your vote and the “other” candidate – the one you don’t want – will win the election.

That may be possible.  This time.

You CAN END THAT though.  By casting your vote for another candidate, you are telling the other candidates where you stand. You are giving them the hint that they need to change their ways to better conform TO YOU in order to win any future elections.  You are telling them you disagree with “both” candidates.


This is not a betting game.  This is YOU CHOOSING YOUR GOVERNMENT.

If you really want to make a BIG stir in politics VOTE IN A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE like Brian Chabot.

This will get the message across.  Even if some other candidate wins, the number of votes for Brian Chabot for the US Senate seat in NH WILL tell the winner that YOU WANT FREEDOM.

Can Brian Chabot win?

Believe it or not, YES.  Stranger things have happened.  If you value the same principles as Brian Chabot, you know who to vote for.  Send the message to the US Senate.  And if he wins?  BONUS!

Writing in Brian Chabot for US Senate is WIN-WIN for everyone.  Even if someone else gets into office, you have sent a clear message.  If he wins?  You have a friend in the Senate.

No matter what, we ALL win when you write in Brian Chabot for US Senate this November 2.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

How about “Don’t Care”?  So long as the soldier in question serves professionally and honorably and does the job, I could care less if that soldier is gay, straight, bi or whatever.  It simply has no bearing on the defense of our nation.

In fact, the man who wrote the US Army’s first drill manual was heavily rumored to be gay.  He probably was.  That didn’t stop him from being a VERY effective leader. (Neither did the fact that he barely spoke any English…)

I Want to Give you Freedom

I only want to give you Freedom.  I want to take away the barriers and road blocks to YOU becoming prosperous and free.

Let other politicians lie and cajole you.

I trust you to do good, to help yourself and others around you.

I trust you to be FREE.

Will you help me do that for you?

AZ Immigration Law…

I just read through the changes that the new and controversial Arizona Immigration law as discussed at

Honestly, I’m not seeing a problem with the actual law as it was passed in Arizona.  All it does is basically insist that AZ state officials enforce the existing federal laws.  What’s the problem?

In fact, the details of it are not far from my ideas of how to take care of our problem with illegal immigration.  One of my streps I suggest is to enforce our laws, deporting those here illegally.  When implemented in conjunction with making LEGAL immigration easier, we will have less illegal immigration.

It’s really simple: Make it easy to be here legally.  If you are not following those new, easy laws, you get immediately deported.

As for border control, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to use the US Military more in border control.  Yes, they are used now, but not nearly enough.  In my opinion, illegal entry into the USA is akin to an attack, or even invasion of our country and thus, falls under the auspices of the Military.  Have the US Customs and Border Protection take care of the legal crossings and the Military take care of repelling invasion, whether by an individual or by a group of people.

Would YOU vote for someone who “can’t win”?

I’ve heard this excuse from a lot of people, some of them very close to me.  They won’t vote for someone who they think won’t win because it’s “wasting the vote”.  I say, “HOGWASH!”

When you vote, you send a message.  Even if that message is “I don’t like any of these choices” it is still a message.

Don’t play the old dirty politics game with your vote.  Vote for someone you WANT to be in that position.  This is YOUR choice of who leads you, not a beauty pageant.  Find out about your candidates and take responsibility for your life and the world around you.

Did You Read it?

OK, folks. Here is the deal. If someone proposes a bill that is so long that I won’t have time to read it before voting on it, I WILL VOTE NO.

If the bill is of a reasonable length for the time I have to review it, I WILL READ IT before voting on it.

We need people with a little common sense in our legislative bodies. I hope to be one of them. Will you help get me there?