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Writing my first book

I have a number of friends who are authors.  Some of them even make some income with their writing.

A couple years ago, I started writing a book I still intend to complete, but recently that’s taken a back burner to actually making money with my day job running Just Works.

I’ve started or outlined a few different literary ideas, but none of them happened.

When Just Works wasn’t making ends meet, I began taking notes on what I felt I had done wrong and what I should have been doing.  I looked at case studies, took in advertising and marketing campaigns, and tried to piece together some ideas of where to take my business.  I wrote all of these down in a little, black note book.

Once in a while, I showed these notes to friends and business associates.  Several suggested I write a book using my notes as the start.

So that is exactly what I’m doing.

The working title is “The Pocket Guide to Business Riches” and the book is now up to almost 50 pages.  It will probably be about 60 or 70 pages once I’m done and I plan to publish it in a pocket size so people can carry it around with them.

Sure, I’m not financially rich yet, but this book is a collection of things I should have done to be rich and things I’m working on right now to make that happen.  The tips in the book are great ideas, but no book will make you rich by itself.  You need to work at it.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  The proof is in the pudding, and I hope to share my experiences putting these tips to use as I make my fortune.