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My Newest Endeavor… Websites for Indie Bands

In opening up my web design offerings, I came to a realization: Most bands need the same basic tools on their websites and once those tools are gathered in one place they can be replicated for more bands with much less work than creating a complete web site from scratch.

This led me to start Indie Band Websites to work on that market.

You see, I love small, independent bands.  Seeing them live is a much more personal experience and the artists themselves really believe in their work.  You can see it up close and personal.  Many of them really deserve much more exposure than they are getting.  But when I go to look them up, I often see some really poorly done websites.  Some bands just have a page on MySpace or ReverbNation, and though every band *should* have such pages, they should also have a place to call their own.

Having your own website tells the world that you are a professional and that you are really serious about your work.

So why don’t most small bands have a really kicking website?  Well, I suspect that cost is the main factor.  Hiring a good web designer costs money that most indie bands just don’t have kicking around.

That’s where Indie Band Websites comes in.  I’ve dropped my initial cost to almost nothing in favor of a monthly payment structure.  What this does is ensure I get my cut but spreads the cost to the band out over a full year.  Normally I offer an option of monthly maintenance, but most people aren’t interested.  It’s too bad, too.  Software updates come out frequently to fix newly found bugs and security holes.  Without maintenance, the site could be compromised by malicious individuals.  With Indie Band Websites, though, I make the maintenance mandatory to fix this problem and to receive a little token payment for the time I put into a web site.  What the band gets in return is an on-call webmaster to make sure their site runs perfectly.

I really think I am offering the best possible option for independent bands to get a great looking and interactive site.  So check it out and tell your friends.  And the next time your favorite local band gives you a web address at MySpace or ReverbNation, tell them to get their own website at