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Less than 1 Week – Can it be Done?

Many people are wondering if a person… who is not affiliated with ANY political party… who has no budget… and who isn’t even ON the ballot can win.

Well, folks… It IS possible.

How?  Well, you tell me! It’s YOU who can make it happen.  It’s YOU who will need to spread the word that Brian Chabot represents Liberty and can do great things for New Hampshire that no one else is willing to try.  It’s YOU who need to go out there and tell everyone about Brian Chabot.

Here’s what you do:

Go out and get yourself a pack of Post-It Notes and a good pen.  The color doesn’t matter, as long as it is easy to read.  Write something like the following in big, bold, clear handwriting on each Post-It Note:

Write in BRIAN CHABOT for US SENATE on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Now go around and give one of these to everyone you see.  Everyone.  Post them on every door you pass.  Leave them on every desk.  Stick them to bulletin boards.

What else? Tweet the following a couple times a day:

Want #Liberty, #NH? Write in @BrianChabot for US SENATE on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. #vote2010

Yes, we CAN do this.  NOW is the time.  Grab your Post-It Notes and pen and keep going till the polls close on Tuesday!