Net Neutrality

I was asked on Twitter today why I don’t support net neutrality: Allandaros: @brianchabot: Surprised that you reject net neutrality in your platform, given yr support of Linux, FOSS, etc. In fact, I *do* support the idea of ‘net neutrality.  I do not support the government making it mandatory unless the government takes over the […]

I Support the US Constitution

I’ve seen it before.  People rant and rave about how they support the Constitution yet either seem to have not read it at all or they pick and choose which parts they support. I support it ALL.  The US Constitution is a historically significant document in that it changed the way a nation (ours!) was […]

Do We Need a Police State?

I’ve been following various reports from the G8/G20 meeting in Toronto.  At the moment, there are swarms of police and private security all over Toronto to provide security for the summit.  Rumor has it the budget for the meeting is about $1 Billion (US? CAN?). Honestly, with a billion dollars, I could BUY a big […]

It’s all About the Economy

For many years, our economy, worldwide, has been getting more and more complex.  This complexity feeds off and is fed by more complexity – regulations, investments, etc. etc. This complexity has led to price fluctuations, nationwide collapses, and the widening gap between rich and poor. Something has to give.  It can’t be sustained.  With wealth […]

It’s Official!

My Declaration of Intent to run for US Senate for NH has been accepted and my contact info is now listed among the candidates! Special thanks to Dave for driving up to Concord and dealing with the folks there today. The PAC paperwork has been filed as well, and in the next 48 hours they […]

Wikipedia Editor Wanted

Would it be possible for someone to please add an “Independent and Third Party” category to the Wikipedia page for United States Senate election in New Hampshire, 2010? It would be nice to be listed there. Thanks!

Living Heroes

With the Memorial Day holiday on the brink, I’d like to depart slightly from the usual task of remembering the dead who have served us. Instead, I would like to call your attention to a few people who are helping to further the cause of America and our Liberty today.  This does not imply that […]

Russian Supporters?

I’m seeing a lot of traffic on this site from Russia.  I have to wonder if I have supporters out there or if it’s just email address harvesters. If you’re a supporter in Russia, please let me know you’re out there! (Use the Contact page.)