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Brian Chabot Wants to Free You

I’m often asked what motivated me to run for the US Senate.  It may seem simple, but the real answer is.

I am running to become the next US Senator from New Hampshire because I believe in Freedom.

Right now, we all know about how corrupt our government is.  We all know that those in power are loathe to relinquish it.  We all complain that no one in the government listens.

I feel the same way.  The difference though is that I have decided that being a US Senator is the best way that I can begin to fix the system.

It may be too early to do anything extreme, but we CAN make a huge difference if we decide to step up and participate.  We CAN take charge of our own lives, our future, and out government.  Participation id the key.  We all need to exercise out rights before those rights are taken away.

So, let us stand together and make this world a better place one step at a time, whether it is running for political office or the extremely important act of voting.

In New Hampshire, you have the a very powerful right which I’d like to urge you to take advantage of.  Here, you don’t have to settle for more of the same from the two big parties.  YOU can nominate someone else for office.  And that is exactly what I’d like to encourage you to do RIGHT NOW.  TAKE ACTION.  Tell them you want a different choice.  Send in your nomination for Brian Chabot today, before it is too late.