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I Support the US Constitution

I’ve seen it before.  People rant and rave about how they support the Constitution yet either seem to have not read it at all or they pick and choose which parts they support.

I support it ALL.  The US Constitution is a historically significant document in that it changed the way a nation (ours!) was run.  Not only that, but the new form of government with three branches and two legislative houses had never been seen before.  Simple Republican, small Democratic, and Monarchical governments had been seen, but a two house legislature, one comprising representatives of each styate and the other representatives of the People directly, had never been done before.

Placing Congress aside the Executive and thirdly, aside the Judiciary was both new and brilliant.

The whole thing took the good parts of Greece, Rome, England and the Iroquois Confederacy and rolled them up into something novel.

Over time our forebears saw fit to alter this supreme law of our land to better serve the will of the People.  First, there were the ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Over the years it has been amended more, and I stand by it because of what it is – the Will of the People of the United States of America.