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Net Neutrality

I was asked on Twitter today why I don’t support net neutrality:

Allandaros: @brianchabot: Surprised that you reject net neutrality in your platform, given yr support of Linux, FOSS, etc.

In fact, I *do* support the idea of ‘net neutrality.  I do not support the government making it mandatory unless the government takes over the Internet (which is a bad idea itself).

What I do support are internet service providers being honest about whether (and how) they regulate access.  I support educating the consumer as to what they are getting.  I support the consumer’s right to choose a neutral provider over a filtered one.

I support consumers pressuring Internet Service Providers to provide un-filtered service without any added fees.  I support boycotting any ISP who filters without telling the consumer.

It is all about freedom.  The private ISPs should be allowed to filter.  They should not be allowed to do so secretly.