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It’s Easy!

If you’re fed up with our federal government — if you want to see something change but don’t know how — if you want to make a difference — it is really very easy.

For the first time in living memory, you have the opportunity to make a change for Liberty in the US Senate like you have never seen before.

All you need to do is help get Brian Chabot on the ballot for this November and vote him into the Senate.

With your help, Brian Chabot will be the independent voice of Liberty for New Hampshire to the Washington bureaucrats.

It doesn’t take much.  Just 2 minutes of your time and the price of a stamp is all you need to donate right now.

So please, take a moment and send in your nomination form for Brian Chabot right now.  It really does make a big difference.  Better yet, get your friends together and have a nomination party.  You can save on postage by sending 10 or 20 in at a time.  The printable nomination form and complete instructions are available [[here]].

What will you do today to further the cause of Liberty?