Right now, many governments are taking steps against Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks, which in my opinion, can only be classified as vengeful. If you haven’t heard, Wikileaks is an organization which publishes leaked documents which others want kept under wraps.  Recently, these have included a huge number of documents from the US government […]

Less than 1 Week – Can it be Done?

Many people are wondering if a person… who is not affiliated with ANY political party… who has no budget… and who isn’t even ON the ballot can win. Well, folks… It IS possible. How?  Well, you tell me! It’s YOU who can make it happen.  It’s YOU who will need to spread the word that […]

Open Letter to The Union Leader

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 15:37:41 -0400 Subject: Gay Marriage From: Brian Chabot To:, To whom it may concern; I have recently been made aware of the Union Leader’s policy on printing announcements for homosexual weddings, as reported by WMUR here: While it is, of course, your right to publish what you […]

Gay Marriage?

In case you are wondering where I stand on gay marriage… It is pretty simple: No one should be forced to marry against their will nor be barred from marrying because of someone else’s beliefs. I believe we should get the government out of marriage and only allow the government to declare “civil unions” between […]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

How about “Don’t Care”?  So long as the soldier in question serves professionally and honorably and does the job, I could care less if that soldier is gay, straight, bi or whatever.  It simply has no bearing on the defense of our nation. In fact, the man who wrote the US Army’s first drill manual […]

I Want to Give you Freedom

I only want to give you Freedom.  I want to take away the barriers and road blocks to YOU becoming prosperous and free. Let other politicians lie and cajole you. I trust you to do good, to help yourself and others around you. I trust you to be FREE. Will you help me do that […]

AZ Immigration Law…

I just read through the changes that the new and controversial Arizona Immigration law as discussed at Honestly, I’m not seeing a problem with the actual law as it was passed in Arizona.  All it does is basically insist that AZ state officials enforce the existing federal laws.  What’s the problem? In fact, the […]

Would YOU vote for someone who “can’t win”?

I’ve heard this excuse from a lot of people, some of them very close to me.  They won’t vote for someone who they think won’t win because it’s “wasting the vote”.  I say, “HOGWASH!” When you vote, you send a message.  Even if that message is “I don’t like any of these choices” it is […]

Did You Read it?

OK, folks. Here is the deal. If someone proposes a bill that is so long that I won’t have time to read it before voting on it, I WILL VOTE NO. If the bill is of a reasonable length for the time I have to review it, I WILL READ IT before voting on it. […]