It’s Official!

My Declaration of Intent to run for US Senate for NH has been accepted and my contact info is now listed among the candidates!

Special thanks to Dave for driving up to Concord and dealing with the folks there today.

The PAC paperwork has been filed as well, and in the next 48 hours they should have a bank account, too. After that we will be able to take TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations!

In the mean time, please send in your Nomination Forms! Tell ten friends and send them all in at once to save postage!

Also, we need volunteers for the Street Team! This is going to be REALLY fun for the Street Team.  We’ve got all kinds of activities planned that will get you out meeting the voters and spreading the three points of Brian Chabot’s campaign: “Liberty.  Honor.  Truth.”

Won’t you join us?

Living Heroes

With the Memorial Day holiday on the brink, I’d like to depart slightly from the usual task of remembering the dead who have served us.

Instead, I would like to call your attention to a few people who are helping to further the cause of America and our Liberty today.  This does not imply that any of them have endorsed my candidacy, but rather it is an invitation to YOU to acquaint yourself with what they are talking about and, if you know them, do invite them to come here to this web site and see what I stand for.  I’d love to have them on board.

  1. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX).  This man makes sense.  Many of his detractors will try and portray him as something else, but if you actually listen to what he says, his views are pretty normal and make quite a bit f sense.
  2. Naomi Wolf.  Her warnings to America should be seriously taken to heart.  Google her or look up her talks on YouTube.  We may not be as free as we think.
  3. Dean Kamen.  He is the founder of DEKA Research and probably one of America’s most brilliant inventors.  Most famous for his inventing the Segway, he deserves more recognition for his founding of FIRST, an organization that empowers and inspires America’s youth to explore science and technology through a series of competitions.  I find it interesting that the Segway, one of his least useful inventions, gets all the attention.  His research into clean water and prosthetic limbs are both much more useful and much more interesting.

So, while you enjoy your barbecue this weekend and commemorate those who have fallen in service to this nation, take heart that they have not given the ultimate sacrifice in vain.  Thanks to the sacrifice of those we celebrate this weekend, America can also have living heroes such as Ron Paul, Naomi Wolf, and Dean Kamen.

With real people to look up to, please take a moment to think about the ways YOU can make this world a better place.  For me, I believe I can do the most good by becoming your Senator.  What will you do?

Russian Supporters?

I’m seeing a lot of traffic on this site from Russia.  I have to wonder if I have supporters out there or if it’s just email address harvesters.

If you’re a supporter in Russia, please let me know you’re out there! (Use the Contact page.)

Home Schooling

I was asked recently what my views on home schooling are. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about this important topic.

Some of the best primary and secondary education I have seen has come from parents teaching their children directly in the home.  This is something I would like to encourage.

Part of my hopes for the future include a redirection of money from perpetual war to education.  The primary goal of this is to improve our public education system, but this does not discount private and in-home education.  One of the things I’d like to do is to institute a system of voluntary standards in primary and secondary education which would establish a base line for public, private, and home school education.  This would be a set of topics and standards which every adult should know as well as a standardized testing system — again, voluntary — where any student may elect to take these tests and be certified with a standard high school diploma.

When I went to high school in New York, the state had a “NY State Regents” diploma option as well as a locally issued diploma option.  The Regents system was geared towards college preparatory work and had strict, but obtainable standards.  I’d like to base a national system roughly on that format and make it available to any student in the United States: public, private, or home schooled.

By establishing a nationwide standard, any university or employer can be assured that students completing this program will have this base line education.  By keeping it optional, schools and parents may elect not to follow the program if they feel it is not appropriate or if they have something better.

It is all about Liberty here, and be setting up these standards, families will have a clear path to secondary education and their children will have the same footing upon completion as those in public and private schools.

Monsters & Heroes

A couple nights ago, I watched a video of a presentation at a TED conference given by Professor Emeritus Philip Zimbardo about “how people become monsters … or heroes”.

I was awestruck at the seeming simplicity and more so by the controllability of the results.

Professor Zimbardo begins by talking about what makes people do evil, monstrous things and concludes with a message of hope that these same factors can also be manipulated to make people become heroes.

Each and every one of us is a hero in waiting.  Yes, you, too.

I wonder what it would take to develope a culture of Heroes… Will you join me?

An Interview~!

I’m happy to report that I have recently been interviewed by none other than Captain Robert from the band, Abney Park!

You can join in for the commentary on Captain Robert’s Livejournal or Facebook.

(Don’t forget to check out their music.  Abney Park makes some really great sounds with amazing visual aesthetics!)

If You Think Politics Suck…

Many of the people I talk to despise politics.  Some of them refuse to vote out of some sort of protest. Their excuse it that their vote doesn’t matter.

I disagree.  Your voice may be just one drop in a bucket, but drop by drop that bucket gets filled.  For a newcomer like me, your vote means a lot more than you may think.  In the words of Capt. Reynolds from the movie, Serenity, “I aim to misbehave.”  That’s right. When you elect me to represent New Hampshire, I aim to upset politics as usual so we can get a few things done.  I aim to walk in and work hard – for you – to make a smaller Federal Government.  I aim to increase your Liberties and make laws easier to understand.

You don’t see that very often.

But I can’t do it without you.  Yes, YOU.  You, the one protesting that your vote carries no weight.  YOU, the one who refuses to vote because you are worried your privacy might be violated by being on the voting lists.  You.

If all of you were to get out and just vote, then I would win this election by a landslide – YOUR landslide.  Imagine the precedent it would set to have all the usual big parties ousted by one lone independent, one of modest means, a regular guy, who wants to make things better.

I aim to change the way things get done.  Have you ever had the ear of your US Senator?  You’ll have mine.  You can contact me from the contact page on or tweet me a direct message @BrianChabot.  These forms of communication go directly to me, not some page in Washington.

If you feel like you can’t change the system, think again.  If you don’t vote, you can’t.  But with your help, we can make this the country we want it to be.  Your silent protests are tacit consent to those in power, a mute agreement to anything they wish to impose upon you and your loved ones.  If you wish to change the bounds that tie you to your current state of servitude and live as Free and Independent People, you must stand up and have your say.  Be counted among those who desire Liberty and vote.

Your vote may be but one drop, but by working to inform others, by spreading the word that a champion of Liberty is ready, willing, and able to serve YOU, you can turn your one drop into cup after cup.

You are not alone and I am willing to give you my service in the US Senate.

Will you prove that you are truly a Free and Sovereign Citizen of New Hampshire and vote for Brian Chabot?  Will YOU turn your drop in the bucket into cup after cup by spreading the word that I’m offering my service to YOU?

If so, then please take the first step RIGHT NOW to a better life.

Ten Reasons to Elect Brian Chabot to the US Senate

There are MANY reasons.  Here are just a few:

  1. Brian Chabot is NOT a career politician. If you feel like politicians are so much different from you that you simply cannot relate, then Brian is your candidate.  When elected this will be his FIRST political office.  No Washington insider here.
  2. Brian Chabot is NOT some rich guy. Tired of the rule of the rich over the poor?  Brian has never owned real estate and is far from being a millionaire.  He lives in a  low-income neighborhood where most of his neighbors are immigrants.
  3. Brian Chabot is PRO-FREEDOM. That’s right.  This is a REAL candidate who supports REAL freedom.  His favorite answer to questions about his position is “It’s none of our government’s business.”
  4. Brian Chabot is an Independent Candidate and therefore FREE from party ties.  He doesn’t toe the party line.  He believes in what is right and will ALWAYS take the side of what he believes is right, no matter which party supports it or doesn’t.
  5. Brian Chabot LEARNS from his mistakes. Over the years, we all make mistakes.  Brian believes that it isn’t a matter of whether or not you make mistakes but whether or not you have learned and corrected your ways.  Brian has a strong history of correcting his mistakes in life and can take those lessons to Washington.
  6. Brian Chabot is CONNECTED to YOU. Brian has been on the Internet since January, 1991.  He has spent over 12 years working in the high tech industry.  Leveraging the power of the Internet, Brian can and will remain deeply rooted to the People of New Hampshire while representing them in Washington.  He pledges that when elected he will Tweet from the Senate floor to let everyone know what’s going on.  Brian responds to all his own email and Twitter private messages.  Each NH Citizen has DIRECT ACCESS to him.
  7. Brian Chabot is an instrument of REAL CHANGE. He’s willing to take a STAND and make a difference.  As a US Senator, he will be in a position to create lasting change to make New Hampshire, the United States, and the World better.  YOU can make a REAL difference by electing Brian Chabot.
  8. Brian Chabot is the YOUNGEST CANDIDATE for US Senate in NH.  At 38 years of age, Brian is well out of his teens, but still solidly in touch with the youth of the State as well as old enough to interact as a peer to the more seasoned citizens.  Brian Chabot is the perfect bridge between the Old Power and the Young Blood in New Hampshire.
  9. Brian Chabot is NOT a LAWYER. That means that he will read & write bills with an eye for simplicity.  Laws should be understandable to the average person and not just members of the Bar.
  10. Brian Chabot is Just Like You. Brian is just an average person looking to make a positive change in the world.  He’s just like you.  Brian Chabot is just an ordinary person who wants to do extraordinary things for New Hampshire.

…and with your help,

We Will.