President Trump: CEASE FIRE!

While I intensely condemn the actions of President Assad in Syria, I would like to take this time to also condemn the US Military reaction to it. No matter how justified, this attack is an act of war. That puts it beyond the authorization of the US President. This was NOT an emergency defensive action. This was not an action in alliance with international treaties. This was a unilateral initiation of force, ordered by a Commander in Chief that lacked the authorization of a Declaration of War, which the US Constitution clearly states is the purview of Congress and NOT the President. The attack on Syria was immoral, illegal, and ill advised.
President Trump has committed an act of war without the necessary Congressional Authorization. At this time in addition to condemning this action in the strongest of terms, I also call on the United States Senate to IMMEDIATELY begin Impeachment proceedings regarding this attack and the United States Supreme Court to issue an Emergency Injunction for the President, ordering him to immediately cease all acts of war and not initiate any further without an actual attack on the United States or a Declaration of War from the Congress.

Ramping up the Campaign

The election is fast approaching and it is time to get moving.  This past Saturday, was the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Convention, where I was honored to meet more members of the State party.  We had officer election and I have been freed of my past obligations as the Vice-Chair.  I’m now working on the campaign.

What we need:

  1. Get the word out! Talk to your friends.  Share and/or my Facebook page.
  2. Make memes and campaign materials.  Run them by me privately first for my approval.
  3. Keep everything POSITIVE.  My opponents are competent politicians and good people.  We need to get the word out that it is time for change and I will make a fresh change from the Old Guard. Attack ads are forbidden in my campaign.  Show the good in me, not the bad in them.
  4. Encourage people vote for all the Libertarians on the ballot.  We need 4% in the Governor or US Senate races to be a “real” political party in NH.  Will you help us get that?
  5. Engage.  Engage your friends in talking about Liberty.  Engage with me about improving my campaign and my positions. Convince me.  Inform me.  Work with me.
  6. Encourage prominent people in the community to endorse me.
  7. Volunteer in your community.  THIS is how we reduce the burden of government.  Prove social programs should be done by volunteers.  Prove we do it better

I will stand up for your Liberty.  Will you join me?

2016 Ballot Access Petitions!

The 2016 petitions to put Brian Chabot on the NH ballot for US Senate are in! Download yours HERE.  When we know who is tallying them, it’ll be posted here, but in the mean time you can send then direct to Brian Chabot’s PO Box and Brian will get them to the right person:

Brian Chabot
P.O. Box 177
Nashua, NH 03061

With YOUR help we can get on the ballot and win the election!

Quick Idea

If anyone wants to print fliers or other campaign material to hand out, please use recycled and recyclable paper.  If you can afford it, please use one of the various recycled card stocks with seeds embedded in it.  Having received a large number of fliers for various campaigns recently, that were shiny, new, non-recyclable paper, I want my campaign to be different.  I want my campaign to be responsible.  Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

I am Running for US Senate (It’s Official!)

Just a few hours ago, by unanimous consent, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire gave their support to Brian Chabot’s campaign to represent NH in the US Senate.

Brian Chabot is a moderate Libertarian who wants to increase liberty in the United States. As a moderate, he knows this is not a matter of trying to make huge changes right now, but rather by a series of steps in the right direction. He works with three main principles of Liberty, Honor, and Truth. He has pledged himself to the Non-Aggression Principle. He believes in the right of every person to do as they please so long as they are not doing harm to another, that what you do if you harm none and what consenting adults do is none of the government’s business.  Brian Chabot is an avid fan of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson in his philosophies.  He is Libertarian at heart, but not an Anarchist.  He believes there needs to be some government, that there are some things best done by a single, central authority.  As a moderate he hopes to work with all parties in the US Senate to bring us a more free society and a smaller, more efficient, and ethical government.

Brian Chabot can be reached at or through his web site at

(Press releases and other announcements including a campaign contribution link will be coming soon.)

MSF Hospital Bombed

I need to say something here, lest it fall by the wayside.  I have heard of the terrible bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.  I’ve read the reports that I can find.  In no way can I find a way in which this was right.  If the devil himself were in that hospital barking out orders to the denizens of Hell, it still would not justify bombing a hospital. I cannot sit here and say nothing.

But I am not (yet!) in a position to do much about it.  The best I can do now is to join MSF in their condemnation of this atrocity.  At best it was mass murder.  At worse it was a war crime perpetuated by the US Government.  MY government.

Please join me in whatever way you can to dins answers and hold accountable those responsible for this heinous act of cowardly murder.

This needs an #independentInvestigation for #Kunduz

Here’s our sign.

On Mass Shootings

While much of the US calls for “discussion” of ways the government should solve mass shootings by restricting the class of tools used, I’d like to break from that pack and take the high road for a moment.

I do not think that the focus on the instrument is the right thing to do. Instead, I would like to look deeper and find the actual root causes of these tragedies and thus make a lasting change in our society to stop these murderous rampages.

I don’t know the details of the mind set of all of the shooters. I can, however imagine a loneliness, a feeling of not belonging, of being powerless over one’s own life. I can empathize with the need to take control, even as I detest the use of violence to do it.

American culture, especially among adolescents and young adults, prizes the ability to fit in to the dominant culture. We idolize sports and unimaginative music, the “common man”, the middle class, the regular joe who works a 9-5 job monday through friday, who has a wife and kids at home. Men (and these criminals are almost exclusively men) who do not fit the mold are ostracized and especially in remote or small towns, given no alternatives.

Our culture has no room for artists, philosophers, or any other variation from the norms. Some manage to find a source of support till their otherness can become self supporting, but many don’t.

Aside from cultural differences, some may have mental or physical differences and our culture in many cases and places shuns these as well.

This can all be boiled down to alienation. We alienate our own people when they don’t fit the stereotype. In so doing, it may be natural for the rejected people to in turn alienate society. When left to feed upon itself, this alienation is easily escalated to the point where the “other” is no longer viewed as human, as worthy of life. From there it is not far till the “other” is a menace and needs to be eradicated for the betterment of the world.

The discussion we need to be having is how to find some place in our culture for the others who may not fit into your stereotype or perhaps not into any stereotype, especially until they have made their own place in this world. This is the discussion we need to be having.

The trick is not to take the weapons out of everyone’s hands because some small number of people are murderers. The trick is to find out what causes people to murder in the first place and fix *that*.

Marking 14 Years

14 years ago today, I was a contractor at Universal Data Stream, and late for work, stuck in traffic. NPR reported a “small plane” had crashed into the World Trade Center. I spent much of the day streaming video feeds and coordinating check-ins of friend and family.

A handful of men managed to take down four planes with box cutters, killing almost 3,000 innocent Americans in the process. Then something snapped. The world turned upside down and the hornets nest was swarming.

In the ensuing years I watched, appalled, as my beloved nation waged wars on people who had nothing to do with the attack, taking almost a decade to track down the actual person behind the original atrocity. Even today, many Americans have become bigoted against a large and mostly innocent portion of the world because they nominally share a religion and perhaps a geographic region with those responsible. Our retribution, spread too broad, has now inspired a large portion of the world to hate our great nation.

Today, I wish to restore the honor we once had by working to become a Legislator. America has never failed when we have taken the moral high ground. We cannot pay innocent blood for innocent blood, 585 innocent foreigners for every innocent American, and expect that to be Justice. Let all those innocent lives lost not have been a signal of our impending downfall, but rather, a light and inspiration when we come together and mark this day.