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President Trump: CEASE FIRE!

While I intensely condemn the actions of President Assad in Syria, I would like to take this time to also condemn the US Military reaction to it. No matter how justified, this attack is an act of war. That puts it beyond the authorization of the US President. This was NOT an emergency defensive action. This was not an action in alliance with international treaties. This was a unilateral initiation of force, ordered by a Commander in Chief that lacked the authorization of a Declaration of War, which the US Constitution clearly states is the purview of Congress and NOT the President. The attack on Syria was immoral, illegal, and ill advised.
President Trump has committed an act of war without the necessary Congressional Authorization. At this time in addition to condemning this action in the strongest of terms, I also call on the United States Senate to IMMEDIATELY begin Impeachment proceedings regarding this attack and the United States Supreme Court to issue an Emergency Injunction for the President, ordering him to immediately cease all acts of war and not initiate any further without an actual attack on the United States or a Declaration of War from the Congress.