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I am Running for US Senate (It’s Official!)

Just a few hours ago, by unanimous consent, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire gave their support to Brian Chabot’s campaign to represent NH in the US Senate.

Brian Chabot is a moderate Libertarian who wants to increase liberty in the United States. As a moderate, he knows this is not a matter of trying to make huge changes right now, but rather by a series of steps in the right direction. He works with three main principles of Liberty, Honor, and Truth. He has pledged himself to the Non-Aggression Principle. He believes in the right of every person to do as they please so long as they are not doing harm to another, that what you do if you harm none and what consenting adults do is none of the government’s business.  Brian Chabot is an avid fan of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson in his philosophies.  He is Libertarian at heart, but not an Anarchist.  He believes there needs to be some government, that there are some things best done by a single, central authority.  As a moderate he hopes to work with all parties in the US Senate to bring us a more free society and a smaller, more efficient, and ethical government.

Brian Chabot can be reached at or through his web site at

(Press releases and other announcements including a campaign contribution link will be coming soon.)


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