Brian Chabot Wants to Free You

I’m often asked what motivated me to run for the US Senate.  It may seem simple, but the real answer is. I am running to become the next US Senator from New Hampshire because I believe in Freedom. Right now, we all know about how corrupt our government is.  We all know that those in […]

We CAN do this.

There is a VERY short time left to send in those nomination forms. Anyone registered to vote in NH can (and should!) fill one out. If we all gather just 10 or 20 nominations for Brian Chabot for US Senate, WE CAN DO IT.  We need just 3,000 nominations — 1,500 from each congressional district.  […]

What would YOU do?

What would YOU do to preserve or increase your Freedom? Would you fight for it? Would you vote for it? If so, then filling out a nomination form for New Hampshire’s most Liberty minded Independent Senatorial Candidate would be just a simple thing, right? How about telling your friends?  Do you think you might be […]

It’s Easy!

If you’re fed up with our federal government — if you want to see something change but don’t know how — if you want to make a difference — it is really very easy. For the first time in living memory, you have the opportunity to make a change for Liberty in the US Senate […]

It’s the hardest thing….

The most difficult thing to get people to grasp is that while something may be *right* that does not mean the government should be doing it or worse – mandating it. Sure rainbows and teddy bears are good things, but the moment we mandate that all children’s’ rooms be painted with rainbows and all children’s […]

Net Neutrality

I was asked on Twitter today why I don’t support net neutrality: Allandaros: @brianchabot: Surprised that you reject net neutrality in your platform, given yr support of Linux, FOSS, etc. In fact, I *do* support the idea of ‘net neutrality.  I do not support the government making it mandatory unless the government takes over the […]

I Support the US Constitution

I’ve seen it before.  People rant and rave about how they support the Constitution yet either seem to have not read it at all or they pick and choose which parts they support. I support it ALL.  The US Constitution is a historically significant document in that it changed the way a nation (ours!) was […]

Do We Need a Police State?

I’ve been following various reports from the G8/G20 meeting in Toronto.  At the moment, there are swarms of police and private security all over Toronto to provide security for the summit.  Rumor has it the budget for the meeting is about $1 Billion (US? CAN?). Honestly, with a billion dollars, I could BUY a big […]

It’s all About the Economy

For many years, our economy, worldwide, has been getting more and more complex.  This complexity feeds off and is fed by more complexity – regulations, investments, etc. etc. This complexity has led to price fluctuations, nationwide collapses, and the widening gap between rich and poor. Something has to give.  It can’t be sustained.  With wealth […]