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AZ Immigration Law…

I just read through the changes that the new and controversial Arizona Immigration law as discussed at

Honestly, I’m not seeing a problem with the actual law as it was passed in Arizona.  All it does is basically insist that AZ state officials enforce the existing federal laws.  What’s the problem?

In fact, the details of it are not far from my ideas of how to take care of our problem with illegal immigration.  One of my streps I suggest is to enforce our laws, deporting those here illegally.  When implemented in conjunction with making LEGAL immigration easier, we will have less illegal immigration.

It’s really simple: Make it easy to be here legally.  If you are not following those new, easy laws, you get immediately deported.

As for border control, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to use the US Military more in border control.  Yes, they are used now, but not nearly enough.  In my opinion, illegal entry into the USA is akin to an attack, or even invasion of our country and thus, falls under the auspices of the Military.  Have the US Customs and Border Protection take care of the legal crossings and the Military take care of repelling invasion, whether by an individual or by a group of people.