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Why Vote for Someone Who “Can’t Win”?

Last updated on October 12, 2010

We have all heard it before.  You may have said it.

There are some people in America who think that voting for someone who they think “can’t win” is a waste of a vote.


Here’s what happens: Candidates with a lot of money, in loose collusion with mass media outlets and others who think this way, will tell you that if you vote for a candidate they tell you can’t win, you’ll be throwing away your vote and the “other” candidate – the one you don’t want – will win the election.

That may be possible.  This time.

You CAN END THAT though.  By casting your vote for another candidate, you are telling the other candidates where you stand. You are giving them the hint that they need to change their ways to better conform TO YOU in order to win any future elections.  You are telling them you disagree with “both” candidates.


This is not a betting game.  This is YOU CHOOSING YOUR GOVERNMENT.

If you really want to make a BIG stir in politics VOTE IN A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE like Brian Chabot.

This will get the message across.  Even if some other candidate wins, the number of votes for Brian Chabot for the US Senate seat in NH WILL tell the winner that YOU WANT FREEDOM.

Can Brian Chabot win?

Believe it or not, YES.  Stranger things have happened.  If you value the same principles as Brian Chabot, you know who to vote for.  Send the message to the US Senate.  And if he wins?  BONUS!

Writing in Brian Chabot for US Senate is WIN-WIN for everyone.  Even if someone else gets into office, you have sent a clear message.  If he wins?  You have a friend in the Senate.

No matter what, we ALL win when you write in Brian Chabot for US Senate this November 2.