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Net Neutrality

At the heart of net neutrality is the idea of free speech.  On the one hand, with a content-neutral internet, everyone has an equal voice: innovation can flow and new ideas spread.  On the other hand, there is the idea of partnerships between content providers and access providers.  There is also the problem of limiting abusive use of bandwidth (Remember denial of service attacks?) and being abe to allocate bandwidth to those services and clients who need it most, such as real-time video conferencing and emergency services.

In general, I am completely in support of equal access.  Open discourse had been shown to be beneficial in the long run to any society.

I am also worried about the strong possibility of poorly worded laws which cause more harm.

There is no easy answer.  As to whether I support Net Neutrality, the answer is a resounding YES.  As to whether I support any specific net neutrality law, the answer is IT DEPENDS and PROBABLY NOT.  Each individual proposal needs to be considered against the freedoms it may defend or curtail.

What do you think?


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