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US Senate 2016

Last updated on November 6, 2014

Yesterday was the election.  Today, I would like to announce my intention to run for New Hampshire’s seat in the US Senate in 2016.  To do this, I hope to start ramping up support *now*.  Let’s take our time, do it right, and make it happen in 2016.
Here is what we need to do:
1. Encourage public support for the Libertarian cause in general, especially from women and minorities.
2. Focus our communications on *moderate* and *accepted* ideas pushing in the direction of Liberty.
3. Recruit liberty activists to the Libertarian Party.
4. Quiet the extremists among us and give voice to reasonable ideas.
5. Begin a Public Affairs Campaign *NOW*.
6. Stay on top of current public opinion and work it to our advantage.
7. Foster transparency at all levels.
8. Encourage public participation (polls? Forums?)
9. Refrain from negative campaigning: Do not attack opponents by name.
10. Focus on how the Libertarian choice will benefit the People.
11. Get the Libertarian Party officially on the NH ballot.
We really need to take this time to establish ourselves as the sensible choice, but we also need to make it clear we are serious enough to convince those who think we are not “viable.”  We need to make it clear that we CAN win.
As something to make my campaign stand out, I hope to take the next few weeks to implement a polling system, somewhat similar to the one the Whitehouse uses. In this, users may sign up for an account and if their address is in NH, their vote is tallied as a constituent.  If not, then it is tallied as a “friend”.  There will also be a place where visitors may suggest topics to poll. My hope is that eventually, this can be used for each bill I will have to vote on when in office.
Let’s get moving.