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Climate Change Debate

Sometimes people ask me what I think about the current debate about whether we are causing climate change or if the changes we are seeing are naturally occurring.  Most of the time though, those who know me presume I just agree with the scientific side of things and say that yes we are and we should work now to stop the pollution.

While those who know me are right that I follow the scientific approach here, there is one thing I’d like to say about the whole debate.  Science is a practice that encourages changing your theories to fit the facts that you have.  Currently the facts are overwhelmingly in favor of the idea that we are causing climate change and that we need to stop now in order to avoid irreversible damage that could eventually threaten human population.

Now as to the debate itself, it strikes me of this:

Two children are arguing about whether the crumbs on the floor are causing ants to come into the house.  I’m over here asking for help in cleaning up the mess.

You see, while everyone else is arguing, I don’t care what side you’re on.  This is out home.  This is the only planet we can realistically inhabit.  I like living here.  Clean up your mess!


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