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How Many Nominations do You Have?

It’s time to start working! If you want to see Brian Chabot on the ballot this year for US Senate in NH you’re going to have to help out!

It’s pretty easy.  Just go to and choose “Nominations” from the Participate menu.  That’ll bring you to this page.

Download and print the nomination form.  It’s only one sheet.  I’ve already filled out the info about me on there.

Make 100 copies.  If you’re registered to vote in NH, fill out one with your information and sign it.  If not then GO NOW to register at your town hall! Come back when you’re done.

Now take those 99 others and take a walk around your neighborhood.  Introduce yourself to everyone you meet.  Ask if they are registered to vote in NH.  If so, have them sign a nomination form.  Be nice! Remember to let them know that this carries NO OBLIGATION.  It is simply a petition to get an independent candidate on the ballot.

When you’re done, mail the 100 forms to me at:

Brian Chabot
65A Ash St.
Nashua, NH 03060

That’s it!  Pretty simple, huh?   If we can get 20 people in Manchester and 20 people in Nashua to do this just once each, we’ll be on the ballot!

Now go out and enjoy the weather.  Meet your neighbors, and get those nominations signed!