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235 Years Ago, Today….

Two hundred thirty-five years ago, today, shots rang out on Lexington Green.  Eight armed militia men died in the initial shooting.  Many more throughout the day.

Today, we should remember the opening salvo of the American Revolution.  We should remember that these people today would be considered dangerous at best, probably terrorists.  We should remember that the British Regulars marched on Concord, Mass. to capture cannons and muskets that the local militias had stored there.  They marched to take military arms away from private citizens.

While the good People of Massachusetts may have long forgotten the immediate reasons for these battles, we all recall the actions of the day as the beginning of our Independence from Great Britain.  We should pause to remember that the causes which drove our forefathers to break away from their Imperial Government were based upon the radical ideas of self-rule, of Liberty, of Freedom, and of self-determination.  The American People need to be reminded from time to time that we formed out Nation so we could rule ourselves.

We must be wary of allowing our own government to lapse into the same rule of tyranny from which we fought so hard to resist 235 years ago today.

If you value your individual Liberty and if you would rather live and die by your own choices than have a massive bureaucracy dictate your every thought and deed, then I urge you to complete the nomination form on this site and help 10 friends do the same.  Make a contribution of whatever you can afford to help elect me as your next Senator in Washington.  I promise you here and now, that when elected, I will fight for individual Liberty.  I will fight tooth and nail for your right to control your own affairs.  I will fight for your inalienable right to do as you feel is right to the fullest extent that it does not infringe upon the right of others to do the same.

Live and let live.  Live FREE, New Hampshire.

— Brian Chabot