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Great meeting people

It was great to meet people at Murphy’s Taproom last night.  I hope to see you all again soon.

The drive for nominations has begun! I got a few last night and I’d like to ask each and every one of you to please print the nomination form, fill it in with your info, and get it to me.  Print 10 or 20 copies and have every registered voter you know fill them out as well.  There is NO obligation when you nominate someone.  You do NOT have to vote one way or another.  It is just a petition to the State of NH to put someone’s name on the ballot in November.  It doesn’t matter what party you belong to or none at all.  You just need to be a registered voter.

Not registered yet?  That’s easy to fix! Just run over to your town clerk and ask.  It’s less than a page of paperwork and you’ll know that you are now an empowered citizen!