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President Trump: CEASE FIRE!

While I intensely condemn the actions of President Assad in Syria, I would like to take this time to also condemn the US Military reaction to it.

Oh, “White House Friend <>” from (T-Mobile network)….. Do you have a copy of that video with all the crazy allegations against me from the first time I ran for US Senate?  It is no longer available no YouTube and I’d really like a copy to show my friends.  I find it so amusing you […]

Ramping up the Campaign

Time to ramp up my campaign. Here is how you can help.

2016 Ballot Access Petitions!

Ballot Access Petitions are in. Let’s get them signed!

Quick Idea

If anyone wants to print fliers or other campaign material to hand out, please use recycled and recyclable paper.  If you can afford it, please use one of the various recycled card stocks with seeds embedded in it.  Having received a large number of fliers for various campaigns recently, that were shiny, new, non-recyclable paper, […]

I am Running for US Senate (It’s Official!)

By unanimous consent of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party in convention on 16 January 2016, Brian Chabot is the NH Libertarian Candidate for US Senate in 2016

MSF Hospital Bombed

2016 US Senate Candidate (Libertarian, NH) Brian Chabot joins with MSF in condemning the bombing of the hospital in #Kunduz and demands #IndependentInvestigation

On Mass Shootings

While much of the US calls for “discussion” of ways the government should solve mass shootings by restricting gun ownership, Brian Chabot argues it should be solved by fixing our society.

Marking 14 Years

14 years ago today, I was a contractor at Universal Data Stream, and late for work, stuck in traffic. NPR reported a “small plane” had crashed into the World Trade Center. I spent much of the day streaming video feeds and coordinating check-ins of friend and family. A handful of men managed to take down […]

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