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MSF Hospital Bombed

I need to say something here, lest it fall by the wayside.  I have heard of the terrible bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.  I’ve read the reports that I can find.  In no way can I find a way in which this was right.  If the devil himself were in that hospital barking out orders to the denizens of Hell, it still would not justify bombing a hospital. I cannot sit here and say nothing.

But I am not (yet!) in a position to do much about it.  The best I can do now is to join MSF in their condemnation of this atrocity.  At best it was mass murder.  At worse it was a war crime perpetuated by the US Government.  MY government.

Please join me in whatever way you can to dins answers and hold accountable those responsible for this heinous act of cowardly murder.

This needs an #independentInvestigation for #Kunduz

Here’s our sign.