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Quick TL:DR FAQ on the major issues…

Last updated on December 10, 2015

So in case you were wondering: As a *moderate* Libertarian who often differs from the party line, here is where I stand:

Summary: If you’re not hurting anyone, I really don’t care what you do and neither should the government.  The government should do only those things that society cannot, that business cannot, and that are desired by the People. Governments therefore, must be transparent, accountable, fair, and controlled by the People at large and not by any oligarchy.

End Perpetual Wars.

End the War on Drugs.


  1. Repeal ObamaCare
  2. Pass a Constitutional Amendment allowing the Federal Government to provide Health Care. (The current idea of “general welfare” is too vague.)
  3. Institute a tax-funded basic medical care system, but allow private health care as well. All are covered (though any person may refuse care). Those who can afford it, may choose different coverage at their own expense..

Brian Chabot is for a real *health* care system and not a mandatory insurance system.  This is a major undertaking that will have to be rolled out in stages, perhaps one community at a time.  Funding would come from ending the “War on Drugs” and perpetual wars abroad.  A mix of government employees and contracted people & companies would provide the services.

Economic Issues

Too big to fail is false. It should be “Too Big to Survive.” Brian Chabot is pro-SMALL-business, pro-innovation, and pro-entreprenneur. Brian believes people should be able to work for less than minimum wage, but employers may not offer less nor require employees to take less.  This allows a new class of worker, somewhere between a full employee and a volunteer.  This is specifically to help out new small companies struggling to grow.  Also, Brian Chabot believes that the bigger a company gets, the less useful and more threatening it becomes. Therefore, bigger companies need more regulation and smaller companies less.


Carrot AND stick approach: Make legal immigration easier (carrot). Then give limited amnesty in that all people here illegally have 6 months to leave and return legally. After that, no excuses. If you are here illegally, you get deported (stick).

2nd Amendment

Rather than restrict a person’s right to bear arms based on the blanket idea of a past felony, restrict it in a Constitutionally appropriate manner: Require safety and usage training. This is the “well regulated” part of the “Well Regulated Militia.” This training would be designed, as much as possible, to weed out those who would use firearms irresponsibly – the career violent criminals, those mentally, psychologically, or physically incapable, and the incompetent.  Training providers would include the US Military, police departments, and approved other organizations such as respected gun clubs, the Boy Scouts, and the NRA. Read more here.

Foreign Policy

Stop messing in other people’s affairs. Think much more carefully before becoming involved in foreign engagements. Ween off of being the world’s police force. Support humanitarian aid, scientific cooperation, and international good will.

Veterans’ Affairs

Give those we have the utmost support. When we reduce our involvement in foreign conflicts, we will be able to have a much smaller military force. Then we will become better capable of supporting our veterans.


Smaller force, better trained, better funded, better supplied, better equipped defenders of the United States. Allow our military to help enforce our borders. Better integrate the branches so they work together as one. Add militia training for volunteer militia.


Why is this such a hot issue? It is not likely to come up as a vote. It is not an issue for laws to consider. Abortion is a medical issue, not a legal one. Law should stay clear of it.


Use some of the funding from ending our perpetual wars to funding education. Give a general curriculum and let teachers decide how best to teach it. Let the professionals do their jobs