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When I stepped back into politics this time, I did so with the backing of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. I’ve never really been one for party politics.  I’d rather present my views and let the people at large decide if I would be the best to represent them.  I tried that in 2010 and found it a very lonely road….

Now that I have become involved with the Libertarians, I am reminded that my great aunt and great uncle, who are getting on in years, but who I love and respect, were once very active in the NH Republican party. I recall visiting them around Christmas time and reading cards they received from presidents, senators, governors, etc. It never struck me as politics.  They were very active in the community and it only seemed right that they were recognized.

Some 18 years ago, as a result of mis-communication stemming from my past divagation, we fell out of touch.  It hurt me very much, but out of respect I have kept my distance, while often checking in through other relatives.

Late this evening, as I contemplate my campaign, they are in my thoughts.  I could really use their support, encouragement, and advice at this time.