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Ten Reasons to Elect Brian Chabot to the US Senate

Last updated on May 14, 2010

There are MANY reasons.  Here are just a few:

  1. Brian Chabot is NOT a career politician. If you feel like politicians are so much different from you that you simply cannot relate, then Brian is your candidate.  When elected this will be his FIRST political office.  No Washington insider here.
  2. Brian Chabot is NOT some rich guy. Tired of the rule of the rich over the poor?  Brian has never owned real estate and is far from being a millionaire.  He lives in a  low-income neighborhood where most of his neighbors are immigrants.
  3. Brian Chabot is PRO-FREEDOM. That’s right.  This is a REAL candidate who supports REAL freedom.  His favorite answer to questions about his position is “It’s none of our government’s business.”
  4. Brian Chabot is an Independent Candidate and therefore FREE from party ties.  He doesn’t toe the party line.  He believes in what is right and will ALWAYS take the side of what he believes is right, no matter which party supports it or doesn’t.
  5. Brian Chabot LEARNS from his mistakes. Over the years, we all make mistakes.  Brian believes that it isn’t a matter of whether or not you make mistakes but whether or not you have learned and corrected your ways.  Brian has a strong history of correcting his mistakes in life and can take those lessons to Washington.
  6. Brian Chabot is CONNECTED to YOU. Brian has been on the Internet since January, 1991.  He has spent over 12 years working in the high tech industry.  Leveraging the power of the Internet, Brian can and will remain deeply rooted to the People of New Hampshire while representing them in Washington.  He pledges that when elected he will Tweet from the Senate floor to let everyone know what’s going on.  Brian responds to all his own email and Twitter private messages.  Each NH Citizen has DIRECT ACCESS to him.
  7. Brian Chabot is an instrument of REAL CHANGE. He’s willing to take a STAND and make a difference.  As a US Senator, he will be in a position to create lasting change to make New Hampshire, the United States, and the World better.  YOU can make a REAL difference by electing Brian Chabot.
  8. Brian Chabot is the YOUNGEST CANDIDATE for US Senate in NH.  At 38 years of age, Brian is well out of his teens, but still solidly in touch with the youth of the State as well as old enough to interact as a peer to the more seasoned citizens.  Brian Chabot is the perfect bridge between the Old Power and the Young Blood in New Hampshire.
  9. Brian Chabot is NOT a LAWYER. That means that he will read & write bills with an eye for simplicity.  Laws should be understandable to the average person and not just members of the Bar.
  10. Brian Chabot is Just Like You. Brian is just an average person looking to make a positive change in the world.  He’s just like you.  Brian Chabot is just an ordinary person who wants to do extraordinary things for New Hampshire.

…and with your help,

We Will.