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If You Think Politics Suck…

Many of the people I talk to despise politics.  Some of them refuse to vote out of some sort of protest. Their excuse it that their vote doesn’t matter.

I disagree.  Your voice may be just one drop in a bucket, but drop by drop that bucket gets filled.  For a newcomer like me, your vote means a lot more than you may think.  In the words of Capt. Reynolds from the movie, Serenity, “I aim to misbehave.”  That’s right. When you elect me to represent New Hampshire, I aim to upset politics as usual so we can get a few things done.  I aim to walk in and work hard – for you – to make a smaller Federal Government.  I aim to increase your Liberties and make laws easier to understand.

You don’t see that very often.

But I can’t do it without you.  Yes, YOU.  You, the one protesting that your vote carries no weight.  YOU, the one who refuses to vote because you are worried your privacy might be violated by being on the voting lists.  You.

If all of you were to get out and just vote, then I would win this election by a landslide – YOUR landslide.  Imagine the precedent it would set to have all the usual big parties ousted by one lone independent, one of modest means, a regular guy, who wants to make things better.

I aim to change the way things get done.  Have you ever had the ear of your US Senator?  You’ll have mine.  You can contact me from the contact page on or tweet me a direct message @BrianChabot.  These forms of communication go directly to me, not some page in Washington.

If you feel like you can’t change the system, think again.  If you don’t vote, you can’t.  But with your help, we can make this the country we want it to be.  Your silent protests are tacit consent to those in power, a mute agreement to anything they wish to impose upon you and your loved ones.  If you wish to change the bounds that tie you to your current state of servitude and live as Free and Independent People, you must stand up and have your say.  Be counted among those who desire Liberty and vote.

Your vote may be but one drop, but by working to inform others, by spreading the word that a champion of Liberty is ready, willing, and able to serve YOU, you can turn your one drop into cup after cup.

You are not alone and I am willing to give you my service in the US Senate.

Will you prove that you are truly a Free and Sovereign Citizen of New Hampshire and vote for Brian Chabot?  Will YOU turn your drop in the bucket into cup after cup by spreading the word that I’m offering my service to YOU?

If so, then please take the first step RIGHT NOW to a better life.