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Examining One’s Views

I just wanted to get it out there than putting this web site together has been a wonderful meditation on figuring out just where I stand on things.

I believe that it is a good thing to meditate upon where one stands, what one believes, in detail.  It helps focus.

On Monday I hope to be able to talk to someone in the NH Elections Commission to make sure my plan follows all the hoops I will need to jump through to get on the ballots.  I have a couple questions about what needs to be filed when and the fields on the nomination forms. (If I am representing the State in the Senate, what to I put for my position’s district?  If I am independent, what do I put in for Political Organization?)

Next, I will need to figure out if I want to seek nomination by ant actual parties.  I’m not one to tow the party line.  I follow my principles and stand where I stand.