Home Schooling

I was asked recently what my views on home schooling are. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about this important topic. Some of the best primary and secondary education I have seen has come from parents teaching their children directly in the home.  This is something I would like to encourage. Part of […]

Monsters & Heroes

A couple nights ago, I watched a video of a presentation at a TED conference given by Professor Emeritus Philip Zimbardo about “how people become monsters … or heroes”. I was awestruck at the seeming simplicity and more so by the controllability of the results. Professor Zimbardo begins by talking about what makes people do […]

An Interview~!

I’m happy to report that I have recently been interviewed by none other than Captain Robert from the band, Abney Park! You can join in for the commentary on Captain Robert’s Livejournal or Facebook. (Don’t forget to check out their music.  Abney Park makes some really great sounds with amazing visual aesthetics!)

If You Think Politics Suck…

Many of the people I talk to despise politics.  Some of them refuse to vote out of some sort of protest. Their excuse it that their vote doesn’t matter. I disagree.  Your voice may be just one drop in a bucket, but drop by drop that bucket gets filled.  For a newcomer like me, your […]

Ten Reasons to Elect Brian Chabot to the US Senate

There are MANY reasons.  Here are just a few: Brian Chabot is NOT a career politician. If you feel like politicians are so much different from you that you simply cannot relate, then Brian is your candidate.  When elected this will be his FIRST political office.  No Washington insider here. Brian Chabot is NOT some […]

A Newer Oil Problem

My heart goes out to the people and wildlife along the US Gulf coast and the oil rig workers injured and missing and their families.  This is a devastating tragedy. I have a thought, not being an oil rig engineer, that I think might help: Use oil spill clean-up barriers to isolate as much of […]

Thanks, David & Scot!

I’d like to take a moment to thank David from Bedford and Scot from Milford for sending me their nomination forms! I really need everyone to please continue to print these and get as many as you can signed by you and your friends. Anyone who is a registered voter in New Hampshire can fill […]

What are YOU Doing?

The fact that today is Earth Day brings to mind the question of “What are you doing to improve the world?” Sometimes even the little things help a lot – like holding a door for someone or letting the car next to you in traffic merge.  We all should be thinking of how to make […]

235 Years Ago, Today….

Two hundred thirty-five years ago, today, shots rang out on Lexington Green.  Eight armed militia men died in the initial shooting.  Many more throughout the day. Today, we should remember the opening salvo of the American Revolution.  We should remember that these people today would be considered dangerous at best, probably terrorists.  We should remember […]