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Living Heroes

With the Memorial Day holiday on the brink, I’d like to depart slightly from the usual task of remembering the dead who have served us.

Instead, I would like to call your attention to a few people who are helping to further the cause of America and our Liberty today.  This does not imply that any of them have endorsed my candidacy, but rather it is an invitation to YOU to acquaint yourself with what they are talking about and, if you know them, do invite them to come here to this web site and see what I stand for.  I’d love to have them on board.

  1. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX).  This man makes sense.  Many of his detractors will try and portray him as something else, but if you actually listen to what he says, his views are pretty normal and make quite a bit f sense.
  2. Naomi Wolf.  Her warnings to America should be seriously taken to heart.  Google her or look up her talks on YouTube.  We may not be as free as we think.
  3. Dean Kamen.  He is the founder of DEKA Research and probably one of America’s most brilliant inventors.  Most famous for his inventing the Segway, he deserves more recognition for his founding of FIRST, an organization that empowers and inspires America’s youth to explore science and technology through a series of competitions.  I find it interesting that the Segway, one of his least useful inventions, gets all the attention.  His research into clean water and prosthetic limbs are both much more useful and much more interesting.

So, while you enjoy your barbecue this weekend and commemorate those who have fallen in service to this nation, take heart that they have not given the ultimate sacrifice in vain.  Thanks to the sacrifice of those we celebrate this weekend, America can also have living heroes such as Ron Paul, Naomi Wolf, and Dean Kamen.

With real people to look up to, please take a moment to think about the ways YOU can make this world a better place.  For me, I believe I can do the most good by becoming your Senator.  What will you do?