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Some Business Ideas

I won’t go into too much detail here, but if you’d like to invest in or partner with me on any of these, I’m easy to find.

  • Boat Computer: A computer system that interfaces with sensors and provides information for navigation and control of your boat. Versions can include lighting control, video surveillance, tracking, communications, stores management, PA systems, How-to helpers, autopilot, and, of course, navigation. Product ranges for small boats to large yachts.
  • Modular Boat Building for Personal and Rental Sailing Yachts Set to revolutionize the small boat building industry, this is a modular system, for creating custom, affordable sailing yachts made of mostly recycled and/or recyclable materials. When the boat has lived its life it can be recycled into a new one with minimal waste. Select your size, then pick your modules, and we can assemble and finish it. Coupled with a boat computer (above) this can make the perfect family yacht or create a fleet for lessons and rentals!.
  • Medieval Theme Park and Resort What the Disney Parks are to the Disney franchise, this aims to be for the topic of Medieval History. Somewhere between a permanent Renaissance Fair and a living history demo, this site will also serve as a training center for reenactors, actors, educators, and a curious public. Small shops, historical eateries, and all sorts of entertainers line the streets daily. Areas can be rented out for special events and seasonal themes abound.
  • Pirate Themed High Adventure Cruises Cruise like a real pirate for a week!
  • Caribbean B&B on Tortuga! Whether you love pirates or just want a relaxing weekend from cruising the Caribbean, this should hit the spot. Take a water taxi to the inn, enjoy the island breezes at the tavern, and head up to your simple, but well appointed room, all based on a theme of a 17th century tavern.
  • Historical Marketplace: A shared market for makers of historical recreations.. Unique to this are historical authenticity ratings, detailed customer feedback, custom goods and services, international payment processing, and other services.
  • Emergency Communications Infrastructure: For individuals, families, towns, or potentially more. After a major disaster strikes, this system works with remaining infrastructure and existing devices, and helps people recover communications from the disaster. Includes “Needs/Offers” section, internet gateway, mesh networking, file servers, and authentication/tracking system for tasks and events.
  • Mooring Ball Lighting and Location Systems Have you ever been confused locating a mooring ball in an unfamiliar port or in bad weather? This will help. Combining radio direction finding and visual aids that can be turned on or off as needed, it’s easy to find the right place to tie up for the night.