Brian Chabot
P.O. Box 177
Nashua, NH 03061
Phone: (603)728-1469 or
I.T. Manager / Technical Team Leader / Idea Machine
Career Objective
To lead a location independent, results- and team-oriented group which produces an important and useful product or service to our customers.

I have experience working remotely and can serve your company in that regard no matter where you are located. I am currently living in Nashua, NH.
Qualifications and Experience
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Project Management
  • Business Management
  • Unix/Linux System Administration
  • Microsoft Windows Administration
  • LAN/WAN Networking
  • Amazon AWS
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Team Leadership
  • WordPress
  • System and Network Security
  • Cloud Architecture
  • LAMP Stack Administration
  • RedHat, Solaris, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, & BSD
  • Superb Documentation
  • Personnel Management
Employment History
Senior Technical Account Manager
Provised bespoke technical advice and advocacy for Enterprise Support customers.
  • Cloud Architecture & Engineering
  • Account Optimization
  • Acted as Technical Liaison between Customer and AWS
  • Introduced Customers to Applicable Emerging Technologies and Service Offerings
  • Provided High Level, Ongoing Support to Customer Workloads
Senior DevOps Engineer
Performed System and Ntwork administration, engineering, and systems design for hybrid cloud network in support of business intelligence.
  • Systems Engineering
  • Network Administration
  • Datacenter to cloud migration
  • Established network and systems monitoring and analysis
  • Set up and maintained configuration management for RFC compliance
  • Coordinated with diverse, internationa teams for defined goals
Senior Automation Engineer
Establish, create, and/or Maintain automation of business tasks including but not limited to software installation, systems monitoring, and deployments.
  • Wrote Scripts for User/Group Management in PowerShell
  • Wrote Custom Nagios Checks in Perl
  • Set up and maintained Hosted Customer Installations
  • Documented how the Automation Works as well as End User Instructions
  • Participated in Escalation Support of Managed Services
CEO / Owner
IT Consulting and Web design company. Managed all aspects of the company from advertizing to customer support. Performed all technical work including consulting, web site design, installations, and customer satisfaction.
  • Managed All Services
  • Designed Marketing and Branding
  • Created Custom Websites using WordPress
  • Selected, Installed, and Customized Approptiate WordPress Components (Plugins and Themes)
  • Established and Maintained Open Channels for Customer Communication
Project Manager / Solutions Engineer
Coordinated an international team of engineers for a major contract for cross-platform cloud migration to Microsoft Azure. (Short Term Contract) Hired Full Time at CloudLanes in November, 2015. Developed, documented, tested, and supported installation of systems for CloudLanes virtual tape library systems, coordinated integration with customer supplied Microsoft StorSimple devices and Azure infrastructure, and provided enterprise level support throughout the product life cycle.
  • Managed Solutions Team for Customer Installations
  • Documented Build and Deployment Process
  • Architected Solutions to Complex Situations
  • Performed Quality Assurance Testing and Provided Troubleshooting Solutions
  • Worked Closely with Third Party Engineers for Custom Development Needs
  • Participated in Test Lab Engineering and Administration
System Administrator
Provided a full range of support for the Millennial Media product suite. Patched operating systems, deployed/debugged Millennial Media code, wrote custom monitoring plugins, responded to outages/emergencies, racked & wired up a data center rack, and regularly was required to master new technologies. Demonstrated creative and methodical problem solving abilities. Millennial Media was acquired by AOL in October 2015. Verizon acquired AOL in March 2015.
  • Creatively debugged complex problems in big data distributed systems running CentOS
  • Monitored the health of our production systems using Icinga, Cacti, and other tools
  • Wrote comprehensive documentation
  • Participated in a 24×7 on-call pager rotation
  • Maintained a secure and SOX compliant infrastructure
  • Performed LDAP administrative duties to restrict access to critical infrastructure
Senior System Administrator
Managed IT resources, specializing in Linux servers in a mixed Operating System Environment for international clients
  • Responsible for Windows and Linux servers including MySQL, Puppet, and CentOS
  • Maintained Physical & Virtual (QEMU & VMware) Systems in local and remote Data Centers
  • Rolled out Active Directory Integration with Linux Servers
  • Managed Network & Systems Monitoring including OpenNMS, Nagios, and PandoraFMS
  • Managed interactions with third party vendors including ISP, Telecom, Software & Hardware.
  • Managed IT hardware and software inventory
System Administrator
Provided tier 2 and tier 3 Systems Administration support for engineers.
  • Maintained Data Center and Hardware Laboratory
  • Documented Procedures and Processes
  • Maintained Linux and Windows based Virtual Machines in a VMware ESXi environment
  • Supported integrated environment with NetApp Data Storage Products
  • Provided support for maintenance and upgrades of Cisco, IBM, and Fujitsu hardware for virtualization.
  • Worked closely with a tightly integrated, international team of diverse support personnel
Systems Engineer
Designed, created, configured, & maintained their Webstantial product line.
  • Installed and maintained a Red Hat Enterprise Linux host for OpenVZ Virtualization.
  • Managed CentOS and Ubuntu virtual systems including installation and load balancing.
  • Installed and maintained Open Source and Commercial software including Apache, Nginx, Postfix, WordPress, Sugar CRM, and many more.
  • Created and maintained network and intrusion monitoring systems.
  • Advised executive management of all IT matters.
Founded a brick-and-mortar retail computer company which provides web site creation and computer sales and service.
  • Created company from its inception
  • Designed and built all prototype and production systems
  • Managed all day to day operations and finances
  • Created and implemented sales and marketing plans
  • Created and maintained company web site, email, and blog
  • Made and took complete responsibility for all business decisions
  • Provided Web Site development & support for customers through the Kooraté brand.
  • Completed all repairs and upgrades for customer computer systems.
I.T. Forensics Analyst
Monitored DynDNS customers for signs of abuse; solved cases of actual abuse, and acted as the liaison between company and legal authorities including lawyers, law enforcement, and others.
  • Searched for, found, and terminated abusive accounts
  • Investigated and reported against spam, copyright, fraud, and other crimes
  • Answered subpoenas for records
  • Worked with Law Enforcement Agencies to track down computer criminals on our system
  • Resolved intellectual property issues between customers and the public
  • Pro-actively searched out and rectified internal causes of network abuse and criminal activity
  • Answered email complaints and tracked all cases through a web based trouble ticket system
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Set up and administered a small, startup, Linux-based ISP, providing full web, email, dial up, and secure shell access throughout the US.
  • Installed and configured various secure, highly reliable Linux Servers
  • Installed, Configured, and Administered web, DNS, email, authentication, database, and anti-spam software as well as various custom BASH security scripts.
  • Provided customer support 24/7 by email, instant messenger, and phone.
  • Consulted with customers on Web Site design and hosting, network design
Systems Manager
Contracted to design, set up, and maintain Internet servers including email, web, web-email, security, network monitoring, groupware, Antivirus, Mailing lists, and anti-spam systems. Also to provide backup technical support, IP address allocation, network troubleshooting, and to monitor network Quality of Service.
  • Installed and configured corporate Linux Server
  • Installed and configured web, email, network monitoring, intranet, portal and security software
  • Provided staff training and user support for the servers above.
  • Performed extensive research into the best and most cost effective solutions for clients.
  • Provided detailed reports with multiple solutions and supervised their implementation.
  • Installed, configured, and managed VPN solutions for employees and business partners.
Contract Customer Support
Provided quality Customer Support over the phone and through email to end users of Perseus' Survey Solutions software and also provided internal MIS support.
  • Provided quality end user support for Perseus' powerful survey design and analysis software.
  • Provided technical support for server scripts on Windows, Linux and Unix.
  • Supported Advanced Features of the software on various database servers.
  • Wrote internal and end user documentation.
  • Alpha and Beta tested new versions of their software.
  • Provided support and advice to the Sales and Marketing for customer interaction
Technical Manager/Consultant
Technical management of a small, startup IT outsourcing company.
  • Organized a Proactive team for small business IT/MIS support.
  • Designed “Best Practices” for customer life cycle and conflict resolution.
  • Advised on best software to implement to serve each customer's needs.
Site Support Engineer
Performed all aspects of IT administration, support and engineering for numerous small companies in the greater Boston area. Supervised all aspects of these companies' LAN and WAN networks.
  • Performed software and hardware installs and upgrades, all on multi-platform environments including Windows (NT, 2000), Solaris, Linux, and Macintosh.
  • Provided Network and System Administration in a cross-platform environment.
  • Designed and installed 10-node RedHat Linux cluster and 4-node Sun Enterprise cluster.
  • Provided support for Windows, Sun OS, Solaris, Linux, and MacOS X desktops and servers.
  • Installed and administered LAN & WAN networks and backup systems.
  • Built and used test networks to check the viability of unique solutions.
Network Engineer (Sept. 2000 – Nov. 2000)
Monitored network status and corrected network errors as they occurred. Installed filters on various RAS equipment, and maintained network reliability in a 24x7 and on-call environment.
  • Designed and wrote procedural documentation and training materials for NOC staff.
  • Used various network tools to provide updates and assure maximum possible network uptime.
  • Supported a network of over 500,000 end users in two countries.
Network Operations Specialist (Mar. 2000 - Sept. 2000)
Monitored network Status and dispatched the proper personnel. Assisted in the development and roll out of the new NOC. Worked with the NOC team to design the new operations center.
  • Provided third-shift network monitoring on site and 24/7 on call status.
  • Reported details of network status hourly reported outages for immediate resolution.
  • Worked with What's Up Gold, Mon, MRTG, and various custom monitoring scripts to keep constantly updated of the complete network status.
Technical Support and Network Operations (Oct. 1999 - Mar. 2000)
Provided technical support for wholesale internet services. Monitored network status and dispatched the proper personnel.
  • Provided part time evening & night time support to the NOC staff.
  • Performed first and second tier technical support to wholesale customers and end users
  • Supported other Customer Service personnel in troubleshooting network issues.
  • Tracked down and disabled users who violated the company's terms of service. (Spammers)
Senior Customer Service Representative
Provided quality user end technical support for all computer platforms. Provided troubleshooting & answered questions via email with a 15 minute guaranteed response time.
  • Worked with junior support staff as a second tier support resource.
  • Supported over 30,000 end users on dial up internet connections.
  • Supervised 6 support representatives.
Education & Certifications
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
February 2021 (Expires February 2025)
General Studies (Emphasis in Business Management and Aviation)
Nashua, NH
Volunteer Experience
Learning Next
IT Solutions for small and medium sized businesses using AWS, Raspberry Pi, Zero Trust Computing, etc.
Online presence for Micro-businesses and individuals, using free and low cost technologies while allowing for scalability and forward compatibility.
Custom I.T. Solutions for marinas and small vessels including web hosting, WiFi connectivity, and ship-board infrastructure.
Emergency Communications for Disasrter Relief and Rebuilding
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