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Is Brian Available (Romantically)?

Yes. But also super selective because he’s had his heart broken really badly in the past. This has made him very protective of what’s left of his heart…. Please be gentle.

Brian's dance card has room on it, but he is clueless and even at his age, knows nothing about how to go about "the whole relationship thing".  He needs a clear clue!  Think you'd be a great partner? Apply now!  If not, then just ignore this and move along or pass the link to someone who might be a good match.

Apply Online

Under 18 solid no. Under 25 soft no.
Your gender identity
Your preferred pronouns
What's the URL of your Facebook Profile?
Got a personal website you run? Let's see it!
Describe your education
If you don\'t know, Google it.
Which best describes your home?
Where does your money come from? Got a job? Trust fund?
Describe what physical limitations might be applicable to dating. Include: Allergies, accessibility needs, necessary medical care, limitations, etc.
Describe what mental or psychological limitations might be applicable to dating. Include: hangups, mental conditions, and triggers
Describe your political stance
Describe your religious beliefs if any.
Describe the best part of your body.
Describe the best part of your mind.
I want to know what your limits are for likes and dislikes.

Fields with (*) are compulsory.