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Month: October 2014

Heritage Alliance

Today I was contacted by Heritage Alliance and told that my candidate information was online and ready for review.  I looked.

It was blank.

So I asked if I could update it.

It seems, they sent out an email last month giving 5 days to respond.  I don’t recall ever getting that email, so I askled if I could send updates.  Here is the response I got:

Mr. Chabot, I’m sorry that the deadline has already passed for candidates to complete the on-line survey.  We sent instructions to on September 15 with a deadline of September 20.  That was the same email address that I used earlier this morning to notify you of the opportunity to preview data.  The only information we have on your campaign is the website, and we do have a link to that site in our voter guide.  Thanks for contacting us.

James Randall

Heritage Alliance


Well, thank you for the link, but that was terse.  So I looked into who these people are.  It seems they are trying to spread Christian Values in government.  While I applaud their values, not allowing a candidate to update publicly available information, ewspecially from nothing to something seems more like rudeness than anything.  Are they afraid it’ll look like I’m changing my mind? Are they going to a printer and have a print deadline? Why did they contact me about something I cannot change?  Sorry.  They present as good people but end up sounding like prudes.

Most especially, I do not see the point, as NONE of the candidates in NH answered the main set of questions on their site.

So, in fairness to my future constituents, I will answer them here:

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