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On the Hunt Once More…

So, once again, I seem to be on the hunt for a new job.  Working for Venture Activism has been amazing and a great experience, but due to financial constraints there, I need to move on to the next endeavor.  I’m leaving on excellent terms and hope to continue to be available to them as a consultant.

Looking forward, I’m excited to bring my wide range of skills to bear as the next System Administrator or technical manager at an exciting company.

My preference is something local, within a 2 hour commute or so.  I’m looking at some of the faster paced companies in Boston and Cambridge, MA but I’d really love work with a company in New Hampshire.  I’m pretty flexible in terms of hours, salary, and benefits.  The important thing for me is that I’m working with good people doing good and exciting things.  I’ll even consider relocation if the situation is right.

So, if your company is ready to hire an experienced admin, with a focus on Linux systems and managed services, let me know!  You can also reach me through LinkedIn and BeKnown.