Gun Control

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As this is an issue where Brian Chabot believes in a unique solution, this page is presented as a single place to explain Brian’s plan:

I stand with Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, Patrick Henry, and every tyrant in the world when I say that no free person should ever be debarred from the right to self defense, and as such, I believe that we should enforce laws against actions which cause harm.  Possession in and of itself should NEVER be a crime.  That said, I AM in favor of replacing unconstitutional gun laws with mandatory safety training for everyone who wishes to own a firearm: it is the “well regulated” part of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Two additional points: First that the Second Amendment is not about “Sporting Purposes”.  It is to prevent tyranny.  It is to allow each and every capable citizen to be allowed protect his or her Life, Liberty, and Property, individually, and in common.  Second, please remember that the opening battle of the American Revolution, the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”,  encompassing the Battles at Lexington and Concord, was fought because the people in authority were trying to take HEAVY ARTILLERY and guns and ammunition stockpiles away from the hands of private citizens.  It boggles my mind how Massachusetts came up with their current restrictions on firearm ownership. I support ***REPLACING*** current unconstitutional legislation with mandatory training as the “well regulated” part of the second amendment: Here’s the nutshell:

  1. You would need a “Firearms Safety” card to so much as touch a firearm outside of a class on firearms safety.
  2. You would need a certification in a class of weapons in order to purchase a weapon of that class. For instance, a certification you know how to use and maintain a revolver before you may purchase one. This applies to both private transfers and dealer sales.
  3. You would also need a usage certification for how you use your firearm. If you hunt, for instance, you’d need to pass a course in using firearms for hunting. This would allow you to hunt, but not to carry for self defense. That would be a different certification.

Each of these would have an expiration and a shorter class to renew. Each would have a potential fee involved. The courses would be available through both government and certified private organizations, much like First Aid and CPR are today.  Organizations like the US Military, Law Enforcement, the NRA, the Boy Scouts, and many responsible gun clubs and firing ranges could be certified to issue certificates of successful training.  In addition to the written test, the trainer should also be allowed to veto anyone who is not of sound mind and body to successfully & safely exercise the tasks associates with the specific certification. Hold the trainer legally responsible for the proper training of their students.

So, for ANY transfer of ownership, the buyer would present the first two credentials to the seller.  The seller would need to be satisfied of their validity and may verify them and the buyer’s identification.  The seller is legally responsible for verifying the buyer is legal.  Bam.  Private sales now require valid credentials.

If you are carrying a firearm (open carry, or if your concealed carry fails to remain concealed, or whenever anyone has a question about a person carrying a firearm, they may ask to see the *three* qualification cards above to verify the person in question is well trained.

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