Brian Chabot was born on April 19, 1972 in upstate, NY to working class parents.  He went to school in the New York public schools system, graduating with academic and activities honors with a NY State Regents Diploma in June, 1990.  While in High School, he was involved in the Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol.

In September, 1990, he began college at Daniel Webster College in Nashua ,NH.

In 1994, Brian left Daniel Webster College with an Associates of Science degree.

Somewhat after that time, Brian met some less than reputable associates and got involved in the local militia movement.  The local group was far removed from the stereotype, and appealed to Brian’s call to public service.  In 1996, an associate, a supply sergeant in the Army National Guard,, also involved in the local group managed to talk Brian into participating in the theft of some equipment from Fort Devens.  As a result of this, Brian was sentenced to 5 months in a halfway house and 5 months in-house detention and 3 years of probation.  While serving this sentence, he made a decision to change his life for the better.

When he got out of the halfway house, he distanced himself from all those he had been involved with.  He began a career in the Computer industry and has been diligently pursuing that career ever since.

In early September, 2007, Brian branched out on his own to form “Just Works”, a local computer service and retail sales company.  Since then Just Works has moved into a smaller office to save on expenses and has moved from retail sales to web site design through it’s “Kooraté” brand of web sites.

In March 2010,. Brian decided to explore pursuing the US Senate seat in New Hampshire.  In June, 2010, he filed his declaration of intent and made it official.

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