I believe in three guiding principles in political life:





First and foremost, is the concept of Liberty.  For me, Liberty is the freedom to do what you want – what you feel is right – without anyone stopping you.  It extends far but is limited by two things.  First, Liberty must be limited by one’s own moral and ethical guidance.  We all limit our own liberty to only those actions we feel are right according to our beliefs.  Second, our Liberty must be limited by the Liberty of others.  Our Liberty is meaningless unless we also allow others to practice their own Liberty.  As my father (a native of Nashua, NH) taught me from an early age, “your right to swing your fist ends at the other guy’s face.”  As long as one does not infringe on the Liberty of another, that Liberty is inviolable.

My second major principle is Honor.  We are all bound to do what we feel is right.  For me, I have developed an inner drive to try and express myself in the most honorable fashion I can.  It entails giving respect to others whenever possible. It is born in the idea that others deserve my consideration and respect unless and until they prove otherwise.  Honor, though, is much more than that.  It includes doing the right thing even in the face of adversity.  It means telling the truth even if it means you will suffer the consequences.  But by careful meditation on your actions before performing them – by exercising respect for yourself and others – in considering what you are doing, you will minimize the adversity.  Through willful, informed, conscious action, with the full respect and consideration of others, by doing the right thing, we can take the Right Action and make the world a better place for everyone.  I do not claim to be honorable.  I claim only to seek to do the honorable thing as much as possible.  Honor is a direction not a destination.

I have not always acted this way.  This brings me to my third principle: Truth.  This includes most importantly, Correcting Mistakes.  Like you, I have make mistakes in my life.  I try every day to learn from my mistakes and to endeavor to do better as I endeavor to make myself better.  When a course of action proves to be incorrect or wrong, it muse be corrected.  Sometimes amends must be made, and we must move on knowing we have been made better by it.  This is why I advocate open government and clear, open communications.  Through good communication, we can constantly improve ourselves, our colleagues, and the world in which we live.

From these guiding principles, I form my positions on the important issues.  With these principles, I hope to help build a better tomorrow for all of us..

© 2010 Brian Chabot for Executive Council: An ordinary man… determined to do the extraordinary.