Brian Chabot Wants to Free You

I’m often asked what motivated me to run for the US Senate.  It may seem simple, but the real answer is.

I am running to become the next US Senator from New Hampshire because I believe in Freedom.

Right now, we all know about how corrupt our government is.  We all know that those in power are loathe to relinquish it.  We all complain that no one in the government listens.

I feel the same way.  The difference though is that I have decided that being a US Senator is the best way that I can begin to fix the system.

It may be too early to do anything extreme, but we CAN make a huge difference if we decide to step up and participate.  We CAN take charge of our own lives, our future, and out government.  Participation id the key.  We all need to exercise out rights before those rights are taken away.

So, let us stand together and make this world a better place one step at a time, whether it is running for political office or the extremely important act of voting.

In New Hampshire, you have the a very powerful right which I’d like to urge you to take advantage of.  Here, you don’t have to settle for more of the same from the two big parties.  YOU can nominate someone else for office.  And that is exactly what I’d like to encourage you to do RIGHT NOW.  TAKE ACTION.  Tell them you want a different choice.  Send in your nomination for Brian Chabot today, before it is too late.

We CAN do this.

There is a VERY short time left to send in those nomination forms.

Anyone registered to vote in NH can (and should!) fill one out.

If we all gather just 10 or 20 nominations for Brian Chabot for US Senate, WE CAN DO IT.  We need just 3,000 nominations — 1,500 from each congressional district.  Yes, this means YOU.  We NEED YOU to fill out a nomination form and send it in RIGHT NOW.  It’s one side of one page.  It takes only a minute or so and if you do it, you’ll be helping get an independent candidate on the ballot!

Are you ready?


What would YOU do?

What would YOU do to preserve or increase your Freedom?

Would you fight for it?

Would you vote for it?

If so, then filling out a nomination form for New Hampshire’s most Liberty minded Independent Senatorial Candidate would be just a simple thing, right?

How about telling your friends?  Do you think you might be able to get 10 friends to fill out nomination forms today?  How about another 10 tomorrow?

Seriously, the best way to help get Brian Chabot elected is to get him on the ballot.  The ONLY way to get him on the ballot is to help collect the 3000 nomination forms needed.  We need to do this TODAY.

What are you waiting for?  the Police State to tell you you can?

Then do it.  Do it now.  Put a stamp on it and send your nomination forms in today!

It’s Easy!

If you’re fed up with our federal government — if you want to see something change but don’t know how — if you want to make a difference — it is really very easy.

For the first time in living memory, you have the opportunity to make a change for Liberty in the US Senate like you have never seen before.

All you need to do is help get Brian Chabot on the ballot for this November and vote him into the Senate.

With your help, Brian Chabot will be the independent voice of Liberty for New Hampshire to the Washington bureaucrats.

It doesn’t take much.  Just 2 minutes of your time and the price of a stamp is all you need to donate right now.

So please, take a moment and send in your nomination form for Brian Chabot right now.  It really does make a big difference.  Better yet, get your friends together and have a nomination party.  You can save on postage by sending 10 or 20 in at a time.  The printable nomination form and complete instructions are available [[here]].

What will you do today to further the cause of Liberty?

It’s the hardest thing….

The most difficult thing to get people to grasp is that while something may be *right* that does not mean the government should be doing it or worse – mandating it.

Sure rainbows and teddy bears are good things, but the moment we mandate that all children’s’ rooms be painted with rainbows and all children’s beds have teddy bears, it impedes on our freedoms.  Who will enforce these mandates?  How will they be enforced?

This is the slippery slope of today’s politics.  This is what Brian Chabot wants to correct.

Freedom means allowing other people their freedom as well, lest you endanger the freedom of us all.

Net Neutrality

I was asked on Twitter today why I don’t support net neutrality:

Allandaros: @brianchabot: Surprised that you reject net neutrality in your platform, given yr support of Linux, FOSS, etc.

In fact, I *do* support the idea of ‘net neutrality.  I do not support the government making it mandatory unless the government takes over the Internet (which is a bad idea itself).

What I do support are internet service providers being honest about whether (and how) they regulate access.  I support educating the consumer as to what they are getting.  I support the consumer’s right to choose a neutral provider over a filtered one.

I support consumers pressuring Internet Service Providers to provide un-filtered service without any added fees.  I support boycotting any ISP who filters without telling the consumer.

It is all about freedom.  The private ISPs should be allowed to filter.  They should not be allowed to do so secretly.

I Support the US Constitution

I’ve seen it before.  People rant and rave about how they support the Constitution yet either seem to have not read it at all or they pick and choose which parts they support.

I support it ALL.  The US Constitution is a historically significant document in that it changed the way a nation (ours!) was run.  Not only that, but the new form of government with three branches and two legislative houses had never been seen before.  Simple Republican, small Democratic, and Monarchical governments had been seen, but a two house legislature, one comprising representatives of each styate and the other representatives of the People directly, had never been done before.

Placing Congress aside the Executive and thirdly, aside the Judiciary was both new and brilliant.

The whole thing took the good parts of Greece, Rome, England and the Iroquois Confederacy and rolled them up into something novel.

Over time our forebears saw fit to alter this supreme law of our land to better serve the will of the People.  First, there were the ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Over the years it has been amended more, and I stand by it because of what it is – the Will of the People of the United States of America.

Do We Need a Police State?

I’ve been following various reports from the G8/G20 meeting in Toronto.  At the moment, there are swarms of police and private security all over Toronto to provide security for the summit.  Rumor has it the budget for the meeting is about $1 Billion (US? CAN?).

Honestly, with a billion dollars, I could BUY a big chunk of land, set up a secure facility, and never once need to mess with people on city streets.  Heck, if I’m careful, I could probably have a runway on that land and a nice place for the protesters to encamp.  When it’s all said an done, I could probably feed the protesters and still have a few bucks left over.

As part of the security measures, people are now required by law there to show their ID to any police officer who requests it.  No reason is needed.  People have been held for refusing.  People have been arrested for filming the area.  Today, it was announced that there are also random searches of innocent people and people are required to keep a certain distance from all the security fences.

So here is my question for all of you: Here in the US, should people be required to present proof of their identification to any law enforcement officer who asks?

Comment below or send your comments to

It’s all About the Economy

For many years, our economy, worldwide, has been getting more and more complex.  This complexity feeds off and is fed by more complexity – regulations, investments, etc. etc.

This complexity has led to price fluctuations, nationwide collapses, and the widening gap between rich and poor.

Something has to give.  It can’t be sustained.  With wealth being sucked into a smaller and smaller upper crust where the differences in wealth become more and more staggering at the top.  You can see a simple graphic representation of this at

In *my* opinion, the best way to fix this problem is to pull out the complexity and return to a more naturally flowing economy where money is based on some fixed value and the extremely rich are brought into the same sort of fluid motion as everyone else.

I’m not against people making a buck or ever making a lot of bucks.  I’m not even against getting rich.  I just think it should be more based on merit of one’s business and done in a more level playing field.

But while a free and prosperous economy based on a sustainable monetary system is the goal, we not only have a long way to go in order to get there, but simply dropping all the regulations at once might cause a major disaster just as easily foreseeable as the one we will surely enter into slowly by continuing to increase economic complexity and imbalance.

Something has to give and soon.

As a US Senator, I hope to help facilitate a change to help the US lead the world into such a free, stable, and sustainable economy.

At this time, I would like to ask for YOUR HELP in developing the right plan.  Email your suggestions on how to improve out economy to and I will consider them and try and find the best solution among your suggestions.

As YOUR REPRESENTATIVE in Washington, I hope to make our nation better by representing YOU.  In that regard, YOUR OPINION matters a LOT to me.


Brian Chabot

Is it Tea Time Yet?

I just received an email from the NH Tea Party Coalition.  They have decided that rather than endorse any candidates, they will post a list of those who have pledged to follow their fairly simple and common sense guidelines.

I have read these and I FULLY support them.

Want proof?  Here: Brian Chabot Tea Party Pledge 2010

I’ll take mine with honey and just a spot of cream, please.