Election 2014?

The next US Senate election is in 2014. Campaigning begins in less than one year. While I love my current job, I’m giving another Senate race some serious consideration. This time around, I think I might seek the backing of a real party… Libertarian Party makes sense.  Hell, I’ll seek nomination by ALL the established […]

Bad Laws

When legislators act quickly, and base their actions purely on emotion, we end up with laws which, in retrospect, we see as poor decisions. Perhaps the most insidious of these in living memory is the PATRIOT Act.  At this point, there is a petition to ask the Whitehouse to put pressure on Congress to repeal this bad […]

On the Hunt Once More…

So, once again, I seem to be on the hunt for a new job.  Working for Venture Activism has been amazing and a great experience, but due to financial constraints there, I need to move on to the next endeavor.  I’m leaving on excellent terms and hope to continue to be available to them as […]

FYI: Facebook is acting up

I can’t seem to post anything, or comment or like anything on Facebook at the moment.  No idea why and FB isn’t helpful.

Two more years…

The next US Senate seat up for election in NH is in 2014.  Senator Jeanne Shaheen is the democratic incumbent and has not yet announced if she will be seeking reelection.

Writing my first book

I’m writing a book, tentatively entitled, “The Pocket Guide to Business Riches”.

Fox News FAIL.

Fox News caught in a blatant lie regarding Ron Paul.

My Newest Endeavor… Websites for Indie Bands

In opening up my web design offerings, I came to a realization: Most bands need the same basic tools on their websites and once those tools are gathered in one place they can be replicated for more bands with much less work than creating a complete web site from scratch. This led me to start […]

First Crowdfunding Project

I decided to give IndieGoGo a try because they’ve been proactive in contacting ME about the previous entry. Check out Vape Gourmet over on IndieGoGo! Give as little or as much as you can! Share the link with all your friends.  And be sure to check out the other awesome projects there while you’re […]


In my philosophy of making the world a better place, I come up with a LOT of ideas, from the very small (treat a friend to coffee) to the huge (C4I for Humanity).  In the process, people have given me a lot of positive feedback, but my own circle of friends lacks the financial power […]

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