First Crowdfunding Project

I decided to give IndieGoGo a try because they’ve been proactive in contacting ME about the previous entry. Check out Vape Gourmet over on IndieGoGo! Give as little or as much as you can! Share the link with all your friends.  And be sure to check out the other awesome projects there while you’re […]


In my philosophy of making the world a better place, I come up with a LOT of ideas, from the very small (treat a friend to coffee) to the huge (C4I for Humanity).  In the process, people have given me a lot of positive feedback, but my own circle of friends lacks the financial power […]


Right now, many governments are taking steps against Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks, which in my opinion, can only be classified as vengeful. If you haven’t heard, Wikileaks is an organization which publishes leaked documents which others want kept under wraps.  Recently, these have included a huge number of documents from the US government […]